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Drop off & Pick Up Procedures

Drop off and Pick up Procedures:

  • Drop off and Pick up will be located outside the building or at the school building entrance while maintaining social distancing.

  • Parents/guardians will not be allowed inside the buildings and will be required to wear masks while waiting to drop off and pick up their child.

  • Children will be required to sanitize their hands before entering the school building. Sanitizer will be provided.

  • Children will have their temperature checked every morning at drop off by a Preschool staff member.

  • Parents/guardians will need to acknowledge that their child does not have any symptoms and has not been in contact with anyone showing COVID-19 symptoms in the past 14 days every morning before leaving their child.

  • Parents/guardians may want to designate a person that does drop off and pick up each day so that the procedures do not have to be explained to several different people.

  • Parents/guardians will complete a form to give staff members permission to sign in/out on your behalf. They will sign in and sign out your child every day for attendance. 

  • At this time, we will not stagger arrival times.  Parents can drop off their child from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.  This time frame allows parents to arrive at a time that is convenient for them.  The morning drop off will be the busiest time so recommended CDC social distancing is crucial. 


 In the mornings, we offer Drop Off service:

    • A staff member will come to your vehicle and ask you questions regarding you and your child’s exposure to COVID-19.  They will record your answers to each question. 

    • Another staff member will take your child’s temperature while he/she is still in the car seat.  When your child is cleared to come inside, the staff member will get them out of the car seat, give them hand sanitizer and they will be walked to the door.  

  • Walk in (must maintain social distancing)

    • You can walk with your child to the tables which are set up outside, a staff member will  ask you questions regarding you and your child’s exposure to COVID-19 and record your answers. 

    • A staff member will take your child’s temperature and give them hand sanitizer. 

    • Once your child has been cleared to come inside, a staff member will walk them to the door.