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Staff Procedures

All of our staff will follow the safety precautions to protect your child’s health and their own:

  • Staff will have their temperature checked every morning before entering the building by a Preschool staff member.

  • Staff will wear face masks throughout the day to reduce the risk of potential spread. The exceptions are: recess, teacher’s breaks, teacher’s lunch, and naptime.  Face shields may be used for speech therapists. Staff may choose to wear a face shield but they must also wear a mask. Masks that are made of cloth must be washed daily. 

  • Staff will sanitize and wash hands frequently throughout the day including before and after helping a child use the restroom, serving food, cleaning tables or toys.

  • When staff is on their breaks or eating lunch they will maintain social distancing in the lounge or staff break rooms. If social distancing is not possible, then staff will wear their masks in that area.

  • Staff lounges and work rooms will be limited in the number of people allowed in the space based on room size.

  • Staff will have staggered break/lunch schedules to help ensure that there are not too many people on breaks/lunch at the same time.

  • Staff bathrooms will be sanitized and deep cleaned at least once throughout the school day.

  • Staff will also follow set procedures laid out on the website to ensure your child's safety throughout the day.

  • We are trying to limit how many adults/staff come in contact with your child throughout the day. We have assigned a lead teacher and a paraprofessional to each classroom. We have a floater who rotates among the classes to cover breaks/lunches. If a staff member is out and a substitute is required, we will first try to cover the class with another staff member instead of trying to find a substitute.

    • If a substitute will be needed, then we will use a person that has met all the district substitute requirements.

    • We also have a list of possible subs who sub in Preschool and can easily be screened before being asked to come into a Preschool classroom.

    • Substitutes will be oriented to the current guidelines and CDC protocols that Preschool is required to follow.  They will also wear face masks and gloves, when needed.  

  • Parents/legal guardians who have children enrolled in our facility may enter the building if they have a scheduled appointment.  They must wear a face mask and follow all recommended CDC social distancing.  

  • There are times when an emergency arises wherein a plumber, electrician, or other maintenance personnel have to enter the building. They must wear a face mask and follow all recommended CDC social distancing.